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For 24 Years I Used Heroin And Methadone Everyday - Liz's Story

The Prodigal Daughter – Liz’s Story

I am the middle child of a large immigrant family and from the age of eight my life was forever impacted by my father’s battle with cancer. He suffered terribly, eventually dying 11 years later from this wretched disease. My teenage years were defined by poverty, neglect, abandonment and rejection. In my late teens I stepped into the darkness of drug addiction. For the next 2....

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She Is Singing – Jacqui’s Story

When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with Mosaic Turner’s Syndrome. One of the features of this condition is the absence of ovaries resulting in infertility. Being only 12 years of age I was not really thinking about the longer-term impact of this but when I turned 18 the reality of being unable to have children hit me. I was gutted. This was when my faith journey rea....

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