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I am not forsaken – Bec’s Story

In September 2012, I was 35 years old and a busy mum to five kids. After an intense season of hands on parenting I was looking forward to having four of our five children at school the following year. I would finally have time for some long overdue coffee catch ups and a bit more thinking space. A new season of greater freedom lay ahead, or so I thought.  It wa....

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She Is A Fighter – Bronwyn’s Story

With more than 20 years experience as a nurse, most recently as the Research Coordinator – Intensive Care at Wollongong Hospital, Bronwyn Johnson is very familiar with the world of medicine, disease and disability. But what happens when the practitioner becomes the patient? I meet Bronwyn in the living room of her suburban home. She greets me with a warm hug but there is wear....

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She Is Brave – Sophia’s Story

When I was three my brother got really sick and the doctors thought that he might need something from my blood to help him get better. I had to have a big needle. I cried a lot but my dad bought me a toy and told me that I was very brave. I still have that toy. Sophia, 6 Share the love....

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Breast cancer survivor

She Is Beautiful – Nerralea’s Story

Like most women, Nerralea Van Der Merwe is not a fan of having her photograph taken. But, after a breast cancer diagnosis at only 32, she made the courageous decision to not only have a double mastectomy but to allow a friend to photograph her scarred, post mastectomy chest. “Body image is something that most women deal with from early on, regardless of what happens in their ....

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