About Us


There is incredible power and honour in being told ‘your story matters, your life is important’.

The She Is Project unwraps the wisdom, joy and strength found in stories just like yours and makes them accessible to women all over the world. We are committed to honouring your story, revealing God’s grace and releasing hope.

We hope that The She Is Project will remind each woman who connects with us that they are unique, extraordinary, and significant and that God is authoring a beautiful and compelling story in their life.

Who we are

Linda Pesavento

Linda Pesavento



Linda’s sisters call her bossy but she prefers purposeful and assertive. She will regularly laugh and cry at inappropriate times and could never be a successful poker player.

Linda loves Jesus, adventure, and making new friends. She has been married to the amazing Gary for more than 25 years! Together they are raising two, funny, kind and clever young adults and an overindulged Labradoodle.

Erica Harris

Contributing Writer


Erica is a wonderfully complex soul who loves expressing herself creatively. She writes, sings and acts and has a deep love of poetry. She enjoys meeting people from all walks of life, hearing their stories and is constantly awed by the resilience of the human spirit.

Her favourite days are ones spent somewhere by the sea, in the company of her amazing husband.

Follow Erica on Instagram: @ericathebrave + @violetjeanfrost

Naomi Mackie

Contributing Photographer


Naomi lives with her husband Chris and their sons Sol, Nullah, Ollie and Alby. Life with her boys is often a wild adventure but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Naomi loves finding and revealing beauty, light and life in places and people that others may consider ordinary.

Follow Naomi on Istagram: @boys_run_free + @blood_and_bone_photography

Fyona Matters

Media & Design


Fyona lives in a small apartment with a talking cat and a man she found on the internet. Her obsessions include art, buying magazines for the pictures not the articles, tea with sugar and challenging herself to see how many technological devices she can use at once (currently her record is 6…) She is delightfully quirky, creative and kind. She creates magic with words.

Follow Fyona on Instagram: @thewolfandthekey + @pipewolf.media