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Angie – She Is Strong

I’m a crazy, busy mama of three, still in the trenches of grief after losing my mum. I’m like any other human who makes mistake after mistake, who has walked with a giant elephant of self-hatred for years resting on my chest. Combined with a decade of fad diets, post partum depression and a world that told me I wasn’t good enough. It led to an unhappy Angie. I....

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She Is A Canvas Of Life – Laurynn’s Story

Learning and teaching self-love is hard in a society that doesn’t accept exposing our bodies in a non-sexual way. We shy away from the body’s genuine and organic purpose. We are fearful of it. Why? Do you know how amazing we are? How perfectly we’ve been molded together. How miraculous our body is. All the things it can do. Our bodies create and give life. Our....

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