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Losing Control, Finding Grace – Lydia’s Story

My earliest memories are of a childhood filled with bike riding, board games and hot summer afternoons spent at the beach. For the first nine years of my life our family lived in Cyprus, an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. My Dad worked in publicity for a mission organisation and my Mum was also active in the organisation and our church, while managing our home life and ....

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She Smiles at the Future – Rhonda’s Story

I was born in rural NSW in 1952. As the youngest of my parents’ eight children I enjoyed a more relaxed upbringing than my siblings. Whilst my older sisters helped my mother out in the house I was allowed to shadow my father around the property. Everything about my father was larger than life to me, his strength, stature, confidence and especially his humour.  I was definite....

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Growing through Grief - Karyn’s Story

Growing through Grief – Karyn’s Story

I am the middle child in our family of five. My brother, sister and I were raised with a Christian foundation but my family life was unsettled. My parents’ marriage was not a happy one and my dad spent a lot of time away from home, either working or fishing. I craved his attention and it hurt that he was not around for the everyday moments of my life.  At times he had a temp....

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laurelbox gifts

Gifts Infused With Tenderness Towards Grief – The Laurelbox Story

It was September 2010 as I stood in the middle of our tiny apartment. We hadn’t planned on a baby, but I was holding a positive test. Before breakfast we were twenty-something’s living life in a big city. After breakfast we were planning our new path as parents. Fast-forward a few weeks. Our 8-week checkup was off. Something wasn’t right with the size. “Go home and com....

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Grief, God and Love – Leonie’s Story

I grew up in Nelson, New Zealand, the eldest of 11 children. I am sure that the role of eldest child helped shaped my purposeful and practical approach to life and I have never been afraid to speak my mind. My first job was working for New Zealand Telecom as a switchboard operator and so I guess you could say that I have been involved in connecting and communicating with people....

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