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Gifts Infused With Tenderness Towards Grief – The Laurelbox Story

It was September 2010 as I stood in the middle of our tiny apartment. We hadn’t planned on a baby, but I was holding a positive test. Before breakfast we were twenty-something’s living life in a big city. After breakfast we were planning our new path as parents. Fast-forward a few weeks. Our 8-week checkup was off. Something wasn’t right with the size. “Go home and com....

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Grief, God and Love – Leonie’s Story

I grew up in Nelson, New Zealand, the eldest of 11 children. I am sure that the role of eldest child helped shaped my purposeful and practical approach to life and I have never been afraid to speak my mind. My first job was working for New Zealand Telecom as a switchboard operator and so I guess you could say that I have been involved in connecting and communicating with people....

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