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She Smiles at the Future – Rhonda’s Story

I was born in rural NSW in 1952. As the youngest of my parents’ eight children I enjoyed a more relaxed upbringing than my siblings. Whilst my older sisters helped my mother out in the house I was allowed to shadow my father around the property. Everything about my father was larger than life to me, his strength, stature, confidence and especially his humour.  I was definite....

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Growing through Grief - Karyn’s Story

Growing through Grief – Karyn’s Story

I am the middle child in our family of five. My brother, sister and I were raised with a Christian foundation but my family life was unsettled. My parents’ marriage was not a happy one and my dad spent a lot of time away from home, either working or fishing. I craved his attention and it hurt that he was not around for the everyday moments of my life.  At times he had a temp....

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