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The Story Behind The She Is Project - Linda’s Story

The Story Behind The She Is Project – Linda’s Story

The air was filled with laughter and chatter, as more than 4000 women took their seats in the auditorium. Everywhere I looked I saw women hugging one another ‘hello’, squealing with delight as they located a friend, beckoning her over, ‘I saved you a seat, come sit with me’. We were all there for a women’s conference. A celebration of friendship, purpose and love and ....

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You Are Never Too Old – Marion’s Story

  Todays story is brought to you via short video from our friends at Find Yourself In the Story It is an inspiring insight into the life of a remarkable woman named Marion Fromm. Aged in her 60’s Marion, a mother and grandmother from Australia, relocated to Cambodia to establish a fruit preservation and processing plant that would train, employ and house those who had be....

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Print all In new window I Don’t Want to be Blind on the Inside as well as on the Outside – Boon’s Story

I Don’t Want To Be Blind On The Inside As Well As On The Outside – Boon’s Story

My name is Bunsiri ‘Boon’ Phuengkaew. I live in Thailand. I have been almost completely blind from birth. I can see the outlines of big buildings; I can see faces, but no details. I can’t see smiles, blinks or when people pull faces. I can’t remember faces, but I do recognise voices. I can’t see steps when I’m walking. I use my feet when I clean to f....

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Ethnic Model Management

Ethnic Model Management – Terry-Ann’s Story

Growing up I never considered myself to be pretty. If I’m really honest I always hated looking in the mirror, it was a constant reminder of what I was not. As a Fijian girl living in New Zealand, I didn’t fit the image of beauty that was celebrated by magazines and TV shows. I was not blonde or blue eyed. I tried to be though. When I was 20 I lightened my hair, used bleachi....

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Teaching Others To Shine – Ana’s Story

I arrived in Australia as an asylum seeker from East Timor. I was not quite two years old. Even though we were now safe in Australia the shadow of what my family had experienced in the conflict in East Timor, hung over our home. From the moment we arrived my parents pretty much laid down their lives to provide a life for my brother and I, of which I am forever grateful. I remem....

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