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Nadia’s Story – Who am I?

I come from a long line of story tellers and teachers and my grandmother was the greatest of them all. Through her example, I learned about the power of our story to shape identity, establish history and continue family legacy. Each time she shared a story with me I was reminded not just about where I came from, but how our family became who we are today. My story begins in Sou....

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Chloe’s Story – Lost to Leader

This story contains references to suicide please use discernment if you believe this may be triggering for you. I sat on the cold bathroom floor with tears running down my face. It felt like I was falling down a dark tunnel that had no end. I needed there to be an end. I needed the end to be now. I opened a bottle of painkillers and started taking them two at a time, then three....

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Awareness About Depression

Amanda’s Story – What I Know Now

My world stopped turning on October 10, 2006. I was 20 years old. I was interning at a primary school about to head home for fall break when I had a voicemail from my dad to call him. The news was tragic.  My mother had taken her own life.  The reality of never getting to see her again, or hug her, or kiss her, or tell her how much I loved her began to sink …....

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