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Breaking The Glass Ceiling – Heloisa’s Story

I had never experienced the ‘glass ceiling’ until I moved to Australia 15 years ago. Growing up in Brazil I always believed that anything was possible for me. My parents were my greatest encouragers. From an early age they taught me that no matter whether I was a man or a woman, I could achieve anything that I put my mind to and our Catholic belief system reinforced the not....

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Tania Harris

She Is A Pioneer – Tania’s Story

It started at a prayer meeting. We were sitting in a circle of plastic chairs in the back room of our church. All the regulars are there: Laurel and Patricia – our praying matriarchs, Daryn the worship leader, our senior pastor Melinda and another dozen or so from church. We’d sung a few songs, listened to a devotional – we were halfway through. It came as a ra....

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She Is Fearless

Born into Muslim families in Iran, it’s a miracle that Maryam and Marziyeh ever discovered the truth about Jesus, a man who is just another prophet in the eyes of Islamic believers. They grew up in separate cities but both women sensed at a young age that something was missing from their lives. They were thirsty for a relationship with God but they couldn’t seem to ....

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