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God Can Change Everything If You Let Him - Karol llyn's Story

God Can Change Everything If You Let Him – Karol llyn’s Story

I am the eldest of 5 children and grew up in a volatile home environment. Mum and Dad did not get along at all.  They got married because mum fell pregnant with me and as a result I felt like I was the reason for their unhappiness. Life was chaotic and unstable. From the age of six to eight years a much older boy sexually abused me. This only added to my feelings of shame &hel....

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Tearing My Life Apart - Yvette's Story

Tearing My Life Apart – Yvette’s Story

We lived in a nice house in leafy suburbia, and had plenty of money for food and clothes. I was in my mid-twenties and had two healthy children with my husband, Nick. I adored my family. I was a housewife, and my fulfilment came from being the best wife and mother I could be. After all, that was my childhood dream. However, I did everything I could to tear it all apart. I was d....

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Breaking The Glass Ceiling – Heloisa’s Story

I had never experienced the ‘glass ceiling’ until I moved to Australia 15 years ago. Growing up in Brazil I always believed that anything was possible for me. My parents were my greatest encouragers. From an early age they taught me that no matter whether I was a man or a woman, I could achieve anything that I put my mind to and our Catholic belief system reinforced the not....

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She Is Fearless

Born into Muslim families in Iran, it’s a miracle that Maryam and Marziyeh ever discovered the truth about Jesus, a man who is just another prophet in the eyes of Islamic believers. They grew up in separate cities but both women sensed at a young age that something was missing from their lives. They were thirsty for a relationship with God but they couldn’t seem to ....

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Leah – She Is Listening

A few years ago I was exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was managing our property development business at the same time as running our Children’s Ministry at church. We were raising three children, including a newborn, while building a new house. My husband was studying for his MBA and our property development business had been rocked by the GFC. I had been....

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