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She's The Voice

She’s The Voice

At The She Is Project we are committed to creating a platform where the story that exists inside the life of every woman is honoured and shared. For some of our ‘storytellers’ it is the first time they have given voice to their unique journey. Becoming vulnerable is scary and finding the confidence to own your story requires courage. Which is why I want to let you know abou....

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laurelbox gifts

Gifts Infused With Tenderness Towards Grief – The Laurelbox Story

It was September 2010 as I stood in the middle of our tiny apartment. We hadn’t planned on a baby, but I was holding a positive test. Before breakfast we were twenty-something’s living life in a big city. After breakfast we were planning our new path as parents. Fast-forward a few weeks. Our 8-week checkup was off. Something wasn’t right with the size. “Go home and com....

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Colours of Hope

Clothing Women With Colours Of Hope – Froyle’s Story

Art and creative expression has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. But for the last 20 years, in between raising my four children, I have been painting and exhibiting as a visual artist. My art is intentional. I definitely have an agenda. I want to make people feel good. It’s not complicated, I want to release peace, joy, love, into people’s lives through....

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NSW Young Australian of the Year – Genevieve’s Story

This week I had the privilege of interviewing a remarkable young woman, Genevieve Clay Smith. A filmmaker and social entrepreneur she is also the co-founder of not-for-profit organization Bus Stop Films, which teaches members of diverse and marginalized communities how to create short films that voice their experiences. A committed Christian, Genevieve’s work as an advocate f....

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