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Tied with a Bow - Laura's Story

Tied with a Bow – Laura’s Story

I have always liked to have everything “just so”—organized and as perfect as possible. I appreciate the pretty things in life, the beauty in words and creation and song—I’m really not a fan of mess and blood and haphazard! I remember giving birth to my sweet daughter and asking the nurses to “please clean her up and put a bow in her hair”… it might have been the....

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An Unexpected Life - Naomi’s Story

An Unexpected Life – Naomi’s Story

I can’t ever remember a time when church wasn’t a part of my life. My grandparents are Christians and as long as I can remember our family of five joined them every Sunday at our local church. But when I was 14 church life changed for all of us. Not because of some obvious spectacular event but simply because my mum, a devoted, faithful, amazing woman had an encounter with ....

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Following Gods Calling

Following God’s Calling – Debbie’s Story

As a small child I was raised in a tiny Baptist Church. We met in the freezing CWA Rooms of the beautiful mountain town of Tumbarumba. I sensed the presence of God here, but soon after I turned six my parents drifted from the church, as they struggled to come to terms with the birth of my baby brother who was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. I recommitted my life in my mid-teens ....

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Tearing My Life Apart - Yvette's Story

Tearing My Life Apart – Yvette’s Story

We lived in a nice house in leafy suburbia, and had plenty of money for food and clothes. I was in my mid-twenties and had two healthy children with my husband, Nick. I adored my family. I was a housewife, and my fulfilment came from being the best wife and mother I could be. After all, that was my childhood dream. However, I did everything I could to tear it all apart. I was d....

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