She Is Courageous – Eunice’s Story

Eunice’s dreams are not that unusual for a girl her age, to travel the world and to become a doctor. But the possibility of seeing them through is made more difficult simply because of where she was born. Eunice lives in Kibera one of the largest urban slums in Africa.  With very limited access to sanitation, electricity and clean water and a population of almost one million people, life in Kibera is very challenging.

“The kids in Kibera  have dreams, but they don’t know how they can achieve them.” says Eunice. But this 6th grade student from, Kibera School for Girls is determined to see her dreams become a reality. She and the founders of her school were recently invited to speak at the 2015, ‘Women in the World Summit ‘in New York. Her words are inspiring, her courage is remarkable and her passion is contagious. Here is her poem dedicated to the children of Kenya.

I have a dream, a dream that will never fail,
My present situation notwithstanding.
It’s a mere passing cloud.
Every mighty king was once a crying baby,
Every great tree was once a tiny seed,
Every tall building was once on paper!
And so is my dream.
This journey seems so long yet I will not waver.
The path has stones all over but I will not give up
Things don’t seem to go my way I will never be in dismay
For there is this one thing I know,
Every day of my life is a page of my history
Every step that I take is a move towards my glorious destiny
And so I dream my dream
It’s not where I am but where I am going that matters.
My future has nothing to do with my past or present.
The hard times I’ve had make me stronger and better
The inner courage within me doesn’t stop it just whispers
And so I dream my dream

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