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Defeating Depression - Jasmines Story

Defeating Depression – Jasmines Story

I lost my father to cancer when I was 13 years old.  He was a great daddy, and just like every other daddy’s girl I loved him a lot. I didn’t find out that he was sick until a week before he passed away. He hadn’t wanted to worry me or make me sad. That didn’t work out so well. I struggled throughout high school. Being a teenage girl is hard enough but I missed my dad so much and felt sad all the time. I hated going to school. I was a quiet kid who got good grades but

I was also lonely, hurt, and angry.  I had low self-esteem and although I developed a closer relationship with God it honestly didn’t seem to help that much. It just seemed like I was okay, but not better.

I met my husband while I was at college and we have two beautiful children. Unfortunately whilst I was pregnant I suffered from deep depression. Some days I just lay in bed and cried. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. My emotions were out of control and when I looked down at my pregnant belly I would feel guilty and overwhelmed. After my second pregnancy I went through a long episode of post-partum depression. It was horrible.

Eventually things started to improve. I got some clarity in my mind and began to come alive again.  I enrolled back into college, had more energy and I was enjoying life more than I had for years. Sadly this was short-lived. The voices of shame, guilt and deep sadness returned. Whenever my husband and I had a disagreement I felt guilty. I found it difficult to have any real perspective on my life. I decided to start spending more time reading my Bible. Over time I began to see that the voices of anxiety, insecurity and fear were lies not truth. The depressed thoughts didn’t stand a chance against God’s Word. Not long after that, husband and I changed our diet and began eating REAL food. No more over processed, ready made meals and potato chips for us. We started eating more fruit and vegetables and I noticed a difference in my physical and mental health. I started exercising, stopped taking birth control pills and we began seeing a chiropractor.

Defeating Depression - Jasmines Story

My experience has shown me that beating depression is not just a mental thing, or a faith thing, or a physical thing; it’s all three. It was only when I addressed my whole lifestyle that my family and I began to see breakthrough. I have changed so much from that woman that I used to be. Like most people I wanted an easy fix, to be able to push a button and make everything better. I still struggle sometimes to get up and exercise and I still want dessert before, during and after every meal (I’m not kidding). It wasn’t easy to start and it’s still not easy but I have allowed God to work in my life to the point where I can’t possibly go back to the way I was living before. I have been able to come alive to raise our children, be a wife to my husband, and live out my purpose. Life is a journey and every day is a new adventure. I pray that you find hope in my story. You are not alone and it is possible to live free from depression.
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