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Tania Harris

She Is A Pioneer – Tania’s Story

It started at a prayer meeting. We were sitting in a circle of plastic chairs in the back room of our church. All the regulars are there: Laurel and Patricia – our praying matriarchs, Daryn the worship leader, our senior pastor Melinda and another dozen or so from church. We’d sung a few songs, listened to a devotional – we were halfway through. It came as a ra....

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Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth – She Is A Pioneer

Elisabeth Elliot 1926 – 2015 I first heard Elisabeth Elliot speak when I was 15 years old. I was captivated by her story of living in the jungles of Ecuador amongst a tribe of Auca Indians who only months earlier had killed her husband Jim Elliot and four other missionaries. Rather than returning home to the USA she and her 10-month-old daughter remained in the jungle, li....

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She Is Courageous – Eunice’s Story

Eunice’s dreams are not that unusual for a girl her age, to travel the world and to become a doctor. But the possibility of seeing them through is made more difficult simply because of where she was born. Eunice lives in Kibera one of the largest urban slums in Africa.  With very limited access to sanitation, electricity and clean water and a population of almost one mi....

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