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A Letter to My Birth Mum – Maddie’s Story

A Letter to my Birth Mum  – Maddie’s Story

Madeline Jessica Ramsey was born on 15 January 1994 at Gosford Hospital, NSW, Australia. When she was seven months old, she was adopted by Michael and Carol Ramsey. Madeline has Down syndrome and lives with her family in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. Here is a letter that she wrote to her birth mother for Mother’s Day.

Dear Lynda,

I want to tell you about my life.

I have two cool brothers Nathaniel and Samuel. I love my brothers. They are good to me and look after me. They take me out for lunch and for drives in the car. Sometimes Samuel takes me to the club to sing Karaoke. I love to sing and dance. I am a good dancer.

My dad Michael is funny. He always wears a gay hat. He makes me laugh. He plays games in the car with me when no one else will. He makes funny jokes but sometimes I will say ‘dad that isn’t funny’. He buys me takeaway when mum isn’t home because mum doesn’t want me to eat unhealthy.

I love my mum a lot, she take me out for girls nights. I miss her when she has to go away. She is a great mum. She drives me to bowling and dancing. She helps me look pretty when we go out and curls my hair. She takes me to get my nails done which I love to do because I have long nails. She is pretty and wears pretty clothes. I love her.

We have two dogs, Cody and Kinshou. They are nice dogs and have soft hair. Sometimes they sleep in my room at night and Cody will sleep on my bed. I like it when he does that.

I work at Greenacres where I have made new friends. I box waxing products called Nads. I like seeing them at Woolworths. If you see them in Woolworths you can buy some and I would have boxed them. I travel to work by myself. I catch a train to work and a bus home.  I learnt to catch public transport all by myself. Mum said I am very clever to do that. My trainer at work likes my mum because she makes him fruit cake. Greg is a good trainer and looks after me at work, I like him a lot. He is a good friend.

I miss my two sisters Jemma and Fleur. I would like to meet them one day. Do they miss me? I have their picture on my locker at work with my two brothers so I can see them every day. Do you miss me? My mum said you would miss me because I am special and I grew in your tummy and it was very hard for you to adopt me to them. Don’t be sad. I have a fun life. I like my family. They are the best in the world. I am very happy. 



A Letter to my Birth Mum  – Maddie’s Story

A letter from Carol (Madeline’s mother) to Lynda (Madeline’s birth mother)

Dear Lynda,

I know that Mother’s Day must be hard for you even though you have other children. I am confident that your thoughts are always with Madeline. I personally wanted to thank you. I know you personally chose Mike and I to adopt your precious girl and for that I am forever honoured and grateful. She is the sunshine in our family. We asked Madeline to write you a letter to tell you about her life.



Madeline’s Formal 2014


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