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Wanda Egg

God Is No Respecter of Comfort Zones – Bethany’s Story

I did not grow up an animal lover or with any dreams of living a rural life. In fact, when I was in my early twenties I spent some time living and working near London and in the heart of the city of Edinburgh. I loved the energy and excitement of city living and always thought that would be the world I would return to. So no one was more surprised than me when in …....

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Be Her Freedom – Melody’s Story

My heart has always been moved by injustice. As a teenager I would spend hours reading autobiographies. Through tears, I found myself totally immersed in stories of real women like Ann Frank and Connie Ten Boom. They faced the most horrific of circumstances but remained faithful to God, courageous and strong. I was captivated by their example. Their stories, and some tough expe....

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Ethical Clothing

She Is Stitch’d – Bianca’s Story

Go to any shopping mall, and inexpensive clothes are abundant — $5 T-shirts, $20 skinny jeans, $10 sandals. But as we fill our closets, who really pays the price? Like most young mums Bianca Z enjoys fashion and finding a bargain. Unlike most of us however, this mother of two has seen first hand the hidden cost of those cheap clothes for the women in the developing world, who....

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Ruth’s Story

When I was a Bachelor of Ministry student at Alphacrucis College in Australia I became involved with Sounds of Silence, an initiative that raises awareness and funds towards World Vision’s anti-trafficking projects in the sub-Mekong region. During this time my eyes were opened to just how vicious and prolific human trafficking is. At the conclusion of my degree I made the exc....

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Restor'd Worthy Goods

She Is Restor’d – Shani’s Story

The first thing you notice about Shani is her smile. It is wide, warm & generous, a lot like the hug that immediately envelops you when you step into her shop, ‘Restor’d’. Against the backdrop of plush couches, warm timber cabinets, vintage lamps & glassware, Shani Smith has a way of making you feel like you’ve come home. ‘Homemaker’ is not a title that ever....

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